Hans Brouwer

Hans Brouwer

Generative deep learning

Delft, Netherlands


Masters student at the Delft University of Technology. Interested in creative applications of deep learning for image, audio, and video synthesis. Experienced with high-performance PyTorch systems for training and inference. Visual artist, musician, and DJ.


2021 — Now
Remote / Berlin, DE

Developing new StyleGAN-based facial processing techniques for experimental video synthesis

2021 — Now
Remote / Berlin, DE

Deep learning for music synthesis and analysis. Human interaction recognition

2020 — Now
Remote / Sydney, AUS

Technical consulting for an audio-reactive exhibition using StyleGAN

2020 — 2022
Remote / Delft, NL

Privacy-preserving tabular data synthesis with distributed generative adversarial networks

2021 — 2021
Remote / Denver, CO, USA

An hour-long custom StyleGAN audiovisual tailored to Frequent's music and visual taste. Shown on a massive screen in the amphitheater during the concert

2016 — 2017
Delft, NL

Board member of the TU Delft student waterpolo and swimming association


2018 - Now

A framework that is the culmination of years of experimental work with deep learning, whose goal is to enable simple composable usage of state-of-the-art creative algorithms


Austin, TX, USA

How can artists start using AI as part of their creative process, and at what part of the process is it most appropriate? Together with Helena Sarin, Dalena Tran, and Ryan Groves.

Side Projects


In my free time I enjoy making music under the moniker Wavefunk


2020 — Now
Delft, NL

Artificial intelligence technology. Deep learning, computer vision, distributed machine learning systems, multimedia search & recommendation, high performance computing, multivariate data analysis.

2020 — 2020
Berlin, DE

Machine learning, Bayesian statistics, stochastic processes, advanced algorithms, and compiler design

2015 — 2020
Delft, NL

Computer science and engineering